The word Ambula "To Reveal"
"Your unrivalled Africa Safari"

Company History:  
  • Ambula - existence since 1998

  • Started operating in South Africa as Educational Tour Operator - Archaeology, Rock Art, Fossils etc.

  • Contracted a number of professionals - lecturers, professors, specialist etc.

  • Passed groups onto other tour operators after educational trips.

  • Incorporates general Safaris & Tours since 2004 in South Africa.

  • Ambula Safaris & Tours is a ground handling specialist in the triangle with the largest curtain of falling water "The Victoria Falls".

  • It operates in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Zambia with an extension into South Africa.

  • It has a number of structured Safaris and Tours and tailor trips according to clients needs.

  • It is an owner-managed operation and services a huge number of large operators.

  • It is one of the biggest operations in this triangle with a substantial operation.

  • It has preferential rates with most of the hotels in this triangle and is the gateway to many adventure travelers.





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